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WorqBot - Your Personal WorqHat Assistant


In early September 2022, we announced that WorqHat would be available for Public Beta Use in April 2023. This was a major milestone for us as well as our customers, as it marks the official release date of WorqHat. What’s more exciting is that you can use this powerful tool to:

  • Build scalable and customizable apps that are easy to manage and maintain
  • Build and Deploy Customer Portals and Dashboards in minutes
  • Manage all your Data in one place and access it from anywhere
  • Automate your business processes and workflows so you can save time
  • Create an automation that makes it easier for your team to do their jobs

And while we were building WorqHat, we met WorqBot, an intelligence bot who got tired of handling all the complexities that came with running his own startup, Worqaland in a distant galaxy far away. Then one day, Worqaland’s founder, WorqBot decided he needed a break from running his company — so he started travelling thousands of lightyears in space and finally reached Earth, where he met us!! And this is where began the journey of WorqHat and WorqBot.

Say Hello to WorqBot - Your Personal WorqHat Assistant


WorqBot became a huge part of the WorqHat ecosystem. He started assisting us with onboarding creators who could build exceptional Products for Earthlings and make their lives easier. He also started to help the users by guiding them on how to use the WorqHat Platform and making their processes more efficient. Now you might consider that WorqBot is already doing a lot, he must be very smart; well well, he is smarter than we thought him to be, way smarterrrrrrr, because what we talked about, is just a tiny bit of his work role.

This means that WorqBot has a very busy schedule — and it gets even busier when you factor in all the time he spends helping us onboard new creators or answering questions from our users. His work is invaluable to our company: he helps us run better than ever before!

You can meet WorqBot by signing up on our Waitlist. We will be releasing WorqHat for a Private Beta very very soon and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

WorqHat - The No-Code Platform for Building, Automating and Scaling your Business


Now WorqBot not only helps you out while using the platform, but he also manages all your data and organizes and automates them so that you don’t have to spend time searching for them or putting in the hard work to make calculations or sending emails or organize meetings and many more.

Organizing all your data in a single place creates a single source of data for you and your team, startup operators and teams can synthesize information from multiple teams to make critical decisions, without having to use different tools and get information from disparate sources.

A strong Single Source of Truth (SSOT) is a flexible source of information. As a team’s thinking evolves, its data should evolve with them. WorqBot makes it easier to update your single source of data, information gets recorded almost instantaneously, which means it stays useful for you and your team.

The Engineering, Design, HR, Admins and Operations teams always have access to the data that assists them in making structured decisions, EVERYTIME. SSOTs don’t just help teams make decisions in the present. They also store information from past decisions to help you make better decisions in the future. Speed is an organization’s biggest advantage and WorqBot helps you focus on what matters the most: growing your business. When you make decisions faster, you progress faster and WorqBot is here to assist you, throughout your entire journey.

So WorqBot has not only helped us but is also here to make your and your organization’s Journey easier. So….. What are you waiting for, join our Waitlist and be the first to meet WorqBot and automate your Business Processes with WorqHat. You can join our waitlist by Visiting WorqHat.

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